Thanks, Kirkus!

For those unfamiliar with Kirkus Reviews, let me tell you a little bit about them. They’re the big dogs. They’re the ones with a massive readership. They’re the ones that libraries and bookstores rely on when deciding whether to order a book. They’re a little like Ron Burgundy: Kind of a big deal

They’re also not afraid to say a book is not great if they believe it is, in fact, not great.

So, a few weeks ago, my heart pounded just a little when my editor sent me the link to the Kirkus review of MILKED. I read the review, and…



Woo hoo!! An extremely positive review, summarizing it as, “A fun, frothy read bolstered by a likable heroine and a snappy, fast-paced narrative.” I couldn’t ask for a better review! For the entire read, click here. Thank you, Kirkus, and thank you, readers!

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Kirkus!

  1. Just saw in the Miamian you were published! So excited for you (and myself, that my feeble mommy brain recognized your name from ADPi immediately!). Hoping over to Amazon to buy it now. Pi Love–Kate

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