Reviews of Milked

“A fun, frothy read bolstered by a likable heroine and a snappy, fast-paced narrative.” –via Kirkus Reviews

“Milked is a very well-written, funny novel and Amanda is definitely a heroine to root for.” –via Chick Lit Central 

“A totally unpredictable read…” –via Crooks on Books

“I laughed and I had tears in my eyes…” –via Comet Babe’s Books

“Fabulous fiction debut novel that will tug on your heartstrings…” –via Living Life With Joy

“Great descriptions of motherhood and what motherhood can bring…” –via Tales of Yesterday

“A highly enjoyable, funny, romantic read…” –via Bookaholic Confessions

“It took me on a journey that no book has done yet…” –via Chick Lit Plus

“The way it read felt as though Amanda and I were sitting at a table having drinks, just chatting it up…” –via Lost in Literature

“I LOVED THIS BOOK. And yes, I had to write that all in capitals because it was just that true.”–via The East Village

“I loved the author’s easy style of wit and humor that she used to weave a realistic tale of motherhood and living one’s life as best as you can…” –via Jersey Girl Book Reviews

“It was such a unique storyline that I couldn’t help but enjoy the book…”–via The World As I See It

“I was rooting for Amanda to keep at it when times were tough and I was happy whenever she triumphed…” –via The Book Chick

“MILKED is a good, very enjoyable, quick read – great for any mom!” –via New Age Mama


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